Automation in the Defense Industrial Base

Adele Ratcliff, Director, Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment (IBAS) Program at United States Department of Defense, discussed the types of jobs impacted by automation as well as how it highlights the trends on AMCC's Weekly Monday Call. In the meeting, it was stated that operator and technician positions are changing from hands-on production work to... Continue Reading →

Goals and Application Process/Deadlines for Grants/Challenges

Brian Parker from Seattle Regions Office gave a presentation Monday, Aug. 16 about the goals and application process/deadlines for a number of categories. Some of those categories include: Statewide Planning, Research, & Networks, Build Back Better Regional Challenge, Economic Adjustment Assistance, and more. Video Presentation: For more information please reach out to AMCC Executive... Continue Reading →

The Biden Offshore Wind Initiative

Arthur Rypinski, Senior Fellow for the Northeast-Midwest Institute gave a presentation on Monday, August 9th, 2021 about The Biden Offshore Wind Initiative. He stated that offshore wind economics appear to be improving but that managing increasing amounts of intermittent renewable power with season and diurnal load fluctuations will be a growing challenge. Watch the webinar... Continue Reading →

The Manufacturers Marketplace and Connex

Alan Davis spoke to AMCC about The Manufacturers Marketplace and Connex. He stated that the US supply chain connection solution built in partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers, manufacturers from across the country and many other leading state and national manufacturing organizations. Video Recording: Download the presentation slides below. For more information please... Continue Reading →

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