Special Presentation: Developing an Inclusive Workforce Development Ecosystem with HBCUs

Thank you to Dean of Workforce and Economic Development, Akareem Spears, and Director of Adult Education, Sharnee Hobbs, for their presentation on strategies we should all know about to drive a more inclusive manufacturing workforce.

Our guests highlighted Bishop State’s programs that are making a difference in their region, including their efforts to introduce girls and young women to prospective careers in manufacturing. Girls Learning About Manufacturing (GLAM) is a mentorship program provides students with the opportunity to meet and learn from women in the industry so they can see themselves as future manufacturers.

Akareem and Sharnee also emphasized the need for all of us who work in this space to consider the language we use when connecting with new audiences, and the fundamental importance of meeting people where they are to introduce them to new opportunities.

You can download the presentation here.

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