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This page reflects messages that go out by constant contact email about every week from AMCC’s Executive Director.  They are often filled with useful up to date information that can help manufacturing community stakeholders make individual and collective progress in their work.  If you want to receive these AMCC Update emails directly, please go to the home page and sign up.

August 13, 2022:

1. AMCC’s National Call Monday! Please join us Monday for our normal weekly AMCC national call at 11:30 ET for 30 minutes. If you need the regular call invitation please contact Melissa Larsen at If you want to make a 10-15 minute presentation one future Monday to share an important effort relevant to this national group of stakeholders, please let us know!  
2. Register NOW for this Tuesday’s AMCC/House Manufacturing Caucus Briefing at 2pm EDT To register for this event, clickhereYou can also submit questions when you register. After registering you will receive a confirmation email about how to join the meeting. This briefing is the result of a collaboration between the bipartisan House Manufacturing Caucus and AMCC to produce a series of seven briefings about the federal manufacturing community designations and each of the six key areas for a thriving manufacturing ecosystem. Here is the link to the first landscape briefing that sets the stage for the entire series. The second briefing focused on the workforce element of a thriving manufacturing ecosystem and Tuesday’s briefing is on the importance of research and innovation. Speakers include: Rebecca Shearman, NSF Engines Program Manager, National Science Foundation (NSF); Stephen Ezell, Director, Global Innovation Policy, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF); Andy Stettner, Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation (TCF); Paul Lavoie, State of Connecticut, Chief Manufacturing Officer; Elena Crete, Sustainable Development Solutions Network.  
3. The CHIPS and Science Act Is Law! The President signed the bill into law on Tuesday morning, yay! Here are links to the text, here is a section by section description, and here is an overall summary of the new law. Starting on page 739 of the text, the Regional Innovation section 10621 of the bill, is about 40 pages authorizing the Tech Hub program and planning grants that your work in particular informed. Congratulations to all AMCC stakeholders on this one. We will need to continue to educate ourselves and others on the merits of this model of federal intervention in order to secure annual appropriations for the new regional Tech Hub designations.
4. The Inflation Reduction Act Will Soon Become Law! Just yesterday the House approved the multi-purpose law and many are evaluating its potential impacts. Here is the legislative text and some summaries. Here is one interesting analysis in the Atlantic that looks at the importance of the new law for addressing climate in combination with both the CHIPS and Science Act and the infrastructure law enacted last fall. We all have lots to learn on how to help each other leverage these efforts to spur bottom up sustainable development in regions across the country!  
5. AMCC to Start Sharing ISA Research and Information! Thanks to a collaboration with Andrew Reamer who produces a weekly Federal Industrial Policy for members of the Industry Studies Association (ISA), AMCC will start to occasionally share useful scholarship from ISA, a leading organization dedicated to promoting industry studies scholarship. AMCC is dedicated to strategically utilizing the best peer reviewed science to strengthen our manufacturing ecosystems.

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