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This page reflects messages that go out by constant contact email about every week from AMCC’s Executive Director.  They are often filled with useful up to date information that can help manufacturing community stakeholders make individual and collective progress in their work.  If you want to receive these AMCC Update emails directly, please go to the home page and sign up.

December 2, 2022:

1. AMCC’s National Call this Monday!

Join us on Monday at 11:30 a.m. ET for AMCC’s weekly 30 minute national meeting. Thanks for last Monday’s presentation by Treasury’s SSBCI Outreach Lead and BFF Ron Kelly on SSBCI capital access activities. We can continue the best practices discussion and others on this week’s call. If you need the regular Monday call invitation please contact Melissa Larsen at If you can make a 10-15 minute presentation one future Monday to share an important effort relevant to this national group of regional and national stakeholders, please let us know!

2. AMCC Road Show Coming to a Region Near You!

Thanks to AMCC ‘s partnership with EDA on the Manufacturing Communities National Expansion project, AMCC is planning to occasionally host our weekly national call from regions across the country. The first one is being scheduled in Utah on January 9. (Thanks Tulinda!) More details to come. If you want to host a meeting that also serves to bring your regional manufacturing stakeholders together, let us know!

3. Keep Revisiting the National Advanced Manufacturing Strategy

As we do our work from our respective regions and silos, it’s important to keep one eye on the big picture to inform our specific work so we do the most to leverage resources and row together toward American prosperity. One good big picture tool is the 4 year national Advanced Manufacturing Strategy found HERE. If you recall, last month we were lucky to have Sue Helper from the White House and Don Ufford from the National Institute of Standards and Technology give us a presentation on it, HERE is the presentation recording.

4. Measuring Manufacturing Community Ecosystem Metrics Update

Check out the short November update on this page that summarizes this ambitious project to give regional leaders a tool to assess important activities that might be improved in their regional manufacturing community ecosystem. We have a long way to go but a hearty thanks for all those participating in meetings every other week. It’s a long list of agency and other participants but a special and on-going thanks to NIST MEP’s Nico Thomas and Carnegie Mellon’s Nikhil Kalathil. Thanks also in advance to Deb Franklin in KS, Carmen Molina-Rios in CT and Tulinda Larsen in UT for volunteering to provide the group feedback on early features of the tool.

5. Advancing Workforce DEI from the Infrastructure Funding

After getting your feedback on the Equitable Workforce Development Guide, we thank the Century Foundation’s Michelle Burris for volunteering to work with us to provide more useful insights on how this and related funding can increasingly be used to advance DEI in manufacturing. Stay tuned!

6. America Works Update Item

Thanks to Matt Fieldman of America Works, check out his blog outlining three tangible lessons for manufacturers – What Can NASCAR teach us about workforce? Nice work Matt!

7. ISA Collected Research and Developments State by state info, check it out! Thanks to Andrew Reamer of the Industry Studies Association (ISA), here is a state by state report as of November on how infrastructure money is so far being spent. Are infrastructure projects strengthening your regional manufacturing ecosystem? Let us know!

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