AMCC Podcast Coming Soon!

Manufacturing an American Century

Real People. Manufacturing Real Change. In the Real World.

Why a Podcast?

The AMCC is a group of stakeholders who come from regions across America working to strengthen their communities by strengthening American manufacturing; the cornerstone of American progress.

AMCC is all about bottom up systems leadership by regional leaders working together for collective impact. That is why regions across the country self-organized AMCC to prove the case that bottom up leadership, well organized using the best available evidence, is a critical approach to strengthen communities with industries essential for American progress.

Manufacturing an American Century will host these community leaders to get a boots-on-the-ground perspective of the people and places working hard toward their region’s sustainable development goals. You’ll also hear from national thought leaders who are making the case for a national policy that recognizes the need to build a healthy ecosystem of regional supporters for American manufacturing to truly thrive.

Stay tuned for updates and the release of Manufacturing an American Century coming later this year.

Know someone who is leading important work to strengthen American manufacturing? Send a message to Project Operations Director, David Van Siclen, at

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