Mission and Purpose

Mission Statement

Our mission at AMCC is to create an alliance of communities with regional economic development initiatives underway dedicated to achieving sustainability through economic growth, improved environmental performance, and job creation within a revitalized American manufacturing base.


Manufacturing is the leading edge of America’s economic strength in communities around the nation – producing jobs and economic development at higher rate than any other sector. Building a better, cleaner, fairer, more secure, innovative and sustainable manufacturing sector is critical to American progress.

In 2018, many IMCP communities and their allies believed that enhancing this collaborative from “a government program” to one that has organizational support from aligned non-profit organizations with missions aligned with the communities’ efforts would add value to all. From this, the IMCP communities recently created the American Manufacturing Community Collaborative (AMCC). So far, most of the existing IMCP communities having already joined AMCC, hoping to enjoy the benefits of more organizational support in partnership with other non-profit institutions with like interests, organizations that can both support and derive value from the work existing AMCC members produce in as open and transparent manner as possible.

At the same time, since the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act created a new “designated community” program modeled after IMCP, the stage is set for a new group of designated communities to join AMCC. Focused on designated manufacturing communities that support the defense industrial base, this new Defense Manufacturing Community (DMC) Support Program can learn many lessons from the IMCP communities already in existence. In fact, many IMCP communities have manufacturing themes important to or at least related to the defense industrial base.  We expect that some existing IMCP communities may apply for a DoD designation when the new DMC Support Program is announced.

For those IMCP communities that do not become DMC designated communities, being an AMCC member enables them to continue to share best practices with existing communities like always yet with more organizational support as part of the AMCC.  Plus, each will benefit from insights learned from new DMC designated communities that in the future elect to join the AMCC after their designation. We believe that future designated communities will be able to participate as a part of the AMC Collaborative to learn from the existing IMCP communities’ well earned lessons and provide their own best practices and knowledge in exchange.

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