Roundtable Discussion April 10th, 2023

AMCC’s Executive Director, Matt Bogoshian, hosted this week’s national Monday call, where he shared a new opportunity for AMCC to work with the Federation of American Scientists on a suite of policy memos meant to advance the development of innovation ecosystems that support American manufacturing. To kick off the discussion, AMCC stakeholders considered whether federal agencies should increasingly include ecosystem connectivity requirements to other federal investments in their designation and funding applications, and how they should do implement such requirements. 

The discussion focused on finding ways to incorporate other government agency investments, such as the Manufacturing USA Institutes, DOE’s IAC program, EDA’s EDD regions and others in order to provide value to regional efforts. The attendees discussed various strategies that could be used to achieve this objective. For instance, the DOD’s Defense Manufacturing Community Support Program (DMCSP) applicants had to show a relationship with a Manufacturing USA Institute to qualify for designation and financing. The attendees were encouraged to express their ideas during the meeting to help develop this opportunity. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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