Special Presentation: DOE’s MESC Shares New Programs Supporting Advanced Manufacturing

U.S. Department of Energy experts from the Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains joined this week’s national call to share two open-application programs that regional leaders ought to know about.

Supply Chain Deployment Manager, Alex Hydrean, shared the new State Manufacturing Leadership Program, which is a $50M investment from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) meant to support “new or expanded State programs that accelerate the deployment of smart manufacturing technologies and access to high performance computing capabilities by small- and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs)”. This application must be completed by a state agency, and will allow states to invest in technical assistance programs to help SMMs adopt smart manufacturing tech and train their workers.

Supervisory Program Manager of DOE’s Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs), Jeremy Avins, then shared a new expansion of the IAC program, with $54M from the BIL invested to establish new centers and Building Training and Assessment Centers at community colleges, trade schools, union training programs and higher education institutes. The purpose of the new centers will be to “expand high-quality energy efficiency and energy management job pathways while strengthening small- and medium-sized manufacturers and optimizing building performance”. In addition, the BIL allocated $400 million for the Industrial Research and Assessment Center Implementation Grants Program

Thank you to Alex and Jeremy for sharing this information and keeping us informed of all the programs coming out of your office! 

Slides can be downloaded here.

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