EDA’s Recompete Pilot Program Overview and Q/A

Thanks to our partnership with the EDA, AMCC hosted Management and Program Analyst, Leopold Spoengehlert, to describe the Recompete Pilot Program, which  is designed to inject $200 million into chronically distressed communities with the aim of fostering economic revitalization and employment opportunities.

This program focuses on communities where employment rates among those aged 25 to 54 significantly lag behind the national average, and it seeks to bridge this gap through investments into regional, bottom-up solutions. Divided into two phases, the initiative involves Phase 1, where applicants can apply for Strategy Development Grants and the Approval of a Recompete Plan, and Phase 2, which offers larger implementation awards to selected regions for activities spanning workforce development, business growth, infrastructure improvement, and more.

The Recompete Pilot Program, enacted under the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, has allocated $200 million of its authorized $1 billion budget to the Economic Development Administration (EDA) for implementation. This funding aims to catalyze sustainable and equitable economic growth in marginalized regions. The program’s strategy involves a data-driven approach, supported by the Recompete Eligibility Mapping Tool developed in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory. By addressing employment disparities and empowering communities with tailored grants, the initiative aims to not only create jobs but also to foster comprehensive economic resurgence.

A copy of Leopold’s slides can be found here.

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