Special Presentation: Inspiring K-12 Students for Careers in Manufacturing

Thanks to our wonderful Senior Advisor for Workforce, Matt Fieldman, for not only guest hosting this week’s National call, but also inviting Scott Dietz, Director for Workforce Initiatives, with Catalyst Connection to present on their various K-12 programs aimed at promoting manufacturing careers. Catalyst Connection serves as the Pittsburgh-region Manufacturing Extension Partner (MEP). 

One program focused on middle schools students is called the “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing” video contest. Through this contest, students are welcomed into factories to film short videos on what they’ve learned, sharing with their peers the opportunity available in manufacturing careers. Through this project, Catalyst Connection and its partners have engaged nearly half of all middle schools in Pennsylvania – wow! With so many regions discussing the need to get manufacturing career opportunities to the “kitchen table”, this is an exemplary program that engages students, parents and teachers.

Thank you to Scott and Matt for this great conversation, including a final recommendation to call participants to consider leveraging National Manufacturing Day (October 6th) as a target of opportunity to engage manufacturers and the community.

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