Special Presentation: Census Data Tools to Inform Regional Manufacturing Development Strategies

Thank you to Andrew Foote, Principal Economist at U.S. Census Bureau, for joining this week’s Monday call to share new and update Census data tools that manufacturing community stakeholders can use to investigate workforce development trends taking place in their region. One advantage to using Census data is that you can drill down to employment and job transition metrics at the county level, which is an important capability especially for regions that cross state lines or span multiple jurisdictions. As Andrew said on this past call, Census wants to know how practitioners are using these data tools to drive data-driven insights that produce smarter development strategies. To that end, below are links to resources that Andrew shared, along with contact information should you have additional questions of Census.

 Quarterly Workforce Indicator Explorer

Job-to-Job Flows Explorer

Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) Origin-Destination Employment Statistics (LODES) On the Map 


QWI: CES.QWI.Feedback@census.gov

J2J: CES.J2J.Feedback@census.gov

LODES: CES.Local.Employment.Dynamics@census.gov

A copy of Andrew’s slides can be found here.

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