Connecticut Advanced Manufacturing Communities Region

The Community

The Connecticut Advanced Manufacturing Communities (AMC) Region has been a leader in the aerospace and shipbuilding industries in Connecticut. This is a direct result of the presence in the state of the aerospace and defense shipbuilding industries for more than 100 years. These industries have developed and evolved over time and are pillars of the Connecticut economy – a source of revenue and job growth for the state and the country. Homegrown companies such as Pratt & Whitney and Electric Boat helped contribute to the development of the aerospace and shipbuilding industries in Connecticut. The region reflects a collaborative and innovative spirit that has been cultivated over decades, resulting in strength through alignment of both goals and processes across all involved disciplines. In addition to its formative role in the Region’s history, manufacturing in the aerospace and shipbuilding industries is also a key part of its future.

The Vision

With the IMCP designation as a framework, the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) (along with the Advisory Board, which oversees a $30 million Manufacturing Innovation Fund established to support the modernization and innovation of processes, equipment, and workforce for manufacturers) will provide the organizational structure to lead the effort to revolutionize the AMC Region’s aerospace and shipbuilding industries. This effort will focus on resources in three main areas: workforce, supply chain, and innovation.

The Strategy

Workforce and Training: The AMC Region will build on its track record of successful cross-system collaboration to address the workforce needs resulting from Pratt & Whitney’s development of the F-135 aircraft and other engines, as well as Electric Boat’s expanded submarine programs. The Region will also seek to expand and modernize regional Advanced Manufacturing Centers in the Community Colleges and Technical High School system and to create a future pipeline of trained workers by enhancing programs that expose students to careers in manufacturing. 

Supplier Networks: AMC stakeholders will leverage a strong model developed by the Aerospace Components Manufacturers Association to support the establishment of the AMC Region of Connecticut as one of the most cost-effective and productive aerospace locations in the world. Additionally, the Region will engage a special process initiative to address special process gaps it has identified. 

Research and Innovation: Increasingly, supply chain companies are collaborating with their customers and local universities to bring innovation to design and production. The IMCP designation provides Connecticut with the assets to build on its existing resources and implement new initiatives that will drive the successful collaboration in aerospace and shipbuilding as well as new ideas, processes, and products. 

Infrastructure and Site Development: The Connecticut Department of Transportation will implement an escalating five-year strategy totaling $9.9 billion in municipal roads and bridges by 2020, of which $1.8 billion will be allocated to the AMC Region to make sure that the aerospace and shipbuilding businesses remain satisfied with the physical infrastructure to help them remain competitive in Connecticut. 

Trade and Investment: Increasing the Regions’ global market share through enhanced trade programs will allow the AMC Region to develop the strongest domestic industrial ecosystem for aerospace and shipbuilding. 

Operational Improvement and Capital Access: Despite extensive implementation of LEAN practices, there are still substantial areas for further improvements. The AMC Region will expand and focus LEAN efforts to reach deeper into the aerospace and shipbuilding companies and associated suppliers to make the region more competitive by instituting a continuous improvement process and access to capital.

The Partnership

A consortium of public, private, and industry representatives is committed to becoming one of the strongest ecosystems globally in the aerospace and shipbuilding industries. 

State Agency: Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development; Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection; Connecticut Department of Labor; Connecticut State Department of Education. 

State Funding Program: Manufacturing Innovation Fund. 

Public Funding Organization: Connecticut Green Bank. 

Manufacturing Consultant: Connecticut State Technical Extension Program. 

Nonprofits: Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board; Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology; Capital Workforce Partners. 

Industry Association: Aerospace Components Manufacturers; Connecticut Business and Industry Association; New Haven Manufacturers Association; Smaller Manufacturers Association. 

Public University: University of Connecticut; 

Private University: University of Hartford. 

Community College Training Centers: Advanced Manufacturing Centers. 

Foundation Focusing on Education and Workforce: Connecticut Business and Industry Association Education Foundation. 

Public State Technical High Schools: Connecticut Technical High School Systems. 

Economic Development Organization: South Eastern Connecticut Enterprise Region. 

Business Development Counseling: Connecticut Small Business Development Center. 
Manufacturing Workforce Development Organization: Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance.