AMCC’s Cybersecurity and Manufacturing Briefing (Part 3 of 4 in Sustainable Development Webinar Series)

On March 30th, 2023 AMCC hosted a briefing on CyberSecurity as it relates to national manufacturing and how manufacturers and the ecosystems that support them can best assess their risks and exposure and find solutions in their regions. We were lucky to be joined by experts from across the country who work on the frontlines of cyber compliance and proactive security to minimize the ability for bad actors, thieves and dictators to disrupt critical American infrastructure and supply chains.

Thank you to Chris Buthe with CMTC, Nichelle William with CREC, and Ben Linville-Engler with MassTech for sharing the work with regional leaders. You can download their slides through the links below.

CMTC’s CADENCE presentation

CREC’s North Carolina Cybersecurity Network presentation

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative presentation 

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