The Office of Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Policy Act

AMCC recognizes the importance of the bipartisan Office of Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Policy Act that will provide manufacturing and industrial advice to the President, and provide a comprehensive survey and cross administration management of efforts to ensure global leadership in manufacturing critical to the long-term health and national security of the United States. Summary... Continue Reading →

Industry and Inclusion 4.0

Andrew Stettner with The Century Foundation talked about the importance of linking modern urban manufacturing with an equity agenda as well as how each of the organizations are working to link manufacturing to equity. Andy also discussed how the past work showcases the need for building a cohort of community that is embedded workforce programming.... Continue Reading →

Global Battery Alliance

GBA vision: “Batteries are the major near-term driver to decarbonizeroad transportation and support the transition to a renewable power system, keeping global emissions on track to stay below the 2°C Paris Agreement target. … batteries play a crucial role in driving the energy transition by enabling EV uptake, facilitating intermittent renewable uptake and driving access... Continue Reading →

Coal Too Valuable To Burn …

As the world moves to a more sustainable energy model, how do those who rely on coal as their primary industry continue to use their resources for good? The answer lies within high value-added products, including carbon fiber, graphene, electronic devices, including photovoltaics, electrodes for Li-ion batteries and super-capacitors, and a wide range of building materials​. Tulinda Larson with Utah Advanced... Continue Reading →

Dion Jackson with USC’s Center for Economic Development Presents for AMCC

Dion Jackson, Program Director at USC's Center for Economic Development. Dion helps lead the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership for Southern California (AMP SoCal) which collaborates with organizations in both public and private sectors, across government, academia and industry, to strengthen the region’s aerospace and defense manufacturing economy. View Dion's webinar presentation at the link below, and download... Continue Reading →

Operation NEXT

February 22nd, 2021 Emily DeRocco and Eileen Pickett presented on Operation Next, an effort aimed at transitioning veterans from military service into manufacturing jobs. View their presentation as well as a recorded presentation to learn more. View the recorded Webinar Download the Operation Next Presentation operation-next-amcc-2.22.21.pptxDownload For more information please reach out to AMCC Executive... Continue Reading →

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