Special Presentation: Program Overviews of Build to Scale and CHIPS for America

A big thank you to our two guests for joining AMCC’s National Call to educate us on opportunities available for regions through EDA’s Build to Scale program and NIST’s CHIPS for America program. 

Management & Program Analyst, Meisha McDaniel, from EDA’s Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship presented first on the $50M available through Build to Scale’s 2023 funding opportunity. The program is organized through the Venture and Capital Challenges. The Venture Challenge seeks to “start and speed up regional growth through technology-based economic development (TBED) and by strengthening regional innovation ecosystems.” The Capital Challenge aims to “increase access to capital, particularly in regions where there is a limited supply of equity-based funding and a demonstrated opportunity to invest in innovative, technology-centric businesses within growing industry and technology clusters.” State entities, or organizations with state-supported applications, are eligible to apply for this opportunity. Learn more here!

CHIPS for America Public Engagement Lead, Jesse Stoneman, then shared updates on her office’s activity and upcoming opportunities for AMCC regions to support the implementation of CHIPS across the country. It’s important that regional leaders be aware of the CHIPS office’s implementation strategy and rollout phases so that their stakeholders can be best prepared for activity coming out of the program. For more information, see this list of resources and webinars on NIST’s website.

Meisha’s slides are available for download here. Jesse’s slides can be found here.

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